I started Intangible Peck as a fulfillment of a dream I once had as a teen growing up in Cumberland, RI. Back then, I was gung ho, drawing a few dozen comics with some pens and markers, but then I discovered the magical world of guitar, and forgot about becoming Don Martin (Mad Magazine). Playing music in front of a Cumberland High School audience just seemed more promising and exciting.

When I reached a certain age, it hit me hard that I was on the lower end of life's roller coaster, and that the flat part when the car rolls to a stop would truly be coming. So, I said to myself, "Jim, time to fulfill some unfulfilled dreams."


As seen in my pre-dance vignettes on Dancing With The Cartoonists on The Silly Channel (TSC), my workspace includes a mixture of tables, chairs, ancient Macs, outdated drawing tablet with beat up pen, open source Gimp software, and Procreate with Apple pencil.

I hope you enjoy my work. Thanks for popping by.




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